HERE IS FEB. 14 "98"

I will always remember this day for the magnificent Red Velvet Cakes. This was only accomplished with the know how from a Washintonian, my wife Stephanie. Stephanie wanted me to add that there were eight bakings of nine sheets, approximet time eight hours. (;-)

I am sorry to inform you that the garland stoves are being sold only to commercial customers. I would think that they would get into the high-end market, residential stoves, since the rest of the industry already has. "O'WELL" thats the way it goes sometimes. I will try to show you some other stoves that are out there and let you know why or why not I have chosen them. The Seattle Resaurant store, in Seattle, have two garland residential stoves left in stock. I have been told that after these two are sold that there will be no more. If you call for information at the store ask for Jerry. I am still going to carry recipes that will use our stove so you will see what dynamite things that can be prepared on a inside grill, burners, and two huge ovens.

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